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Our Services

PatientFree home delivery service

We are a trusted home dispensing service for your repeat prescription supplies customising your products and delivering to all your needs.

Stoma, continence & trach care supplies

With 38 care centres across the UK, we offer you a free, friendly and local delivery service across a wide range of ostomy, urology, continence, tracheostomy and laryngectomy products.

Discreet, confidential and reliable

Specialist help and advice about your products is also available from our dedicated, CQC registered Clinical Liaison Nurse Service team.

With Fittleworth you will receive a full range of services:

  • Free discreet home delivery service
  • Hassle-free ordering and delivery
  • Online, phone or postal ordering
  • Freephone order lines open six days a week
  • Free sample service
  • Free disposal bags and wipes with every order
  • Repeat prescription collection service from your GP
  • Electronic Prescription Service
  • Dedicated Customer Service Team
  • CQC Registered Nursing Team
  • Free RADAR Key
  • Free Travel Certificate
  • Free Order Reminders by Text, Phone or Email
  • Welcome call to tailor our service to your needs
  • Cut-to-fit stoma product customisation service
  • Discreet and secure delivery of your products from a local care centre (or similar), by our network of dedicated delivery drivers who understand your needs
  • Ongoing advice and assistance from our dedicated, CQC registered Clinical Liason Nurse Support Service, which works closely with your NHS nurses and GPs to answer your questions
  • Our Patient Promise – we won’t change your products without your permission. If we have an issue with the availability of your product, we will discuss this with you and your GP
  • Free World Wide Assist service – emergency appliances delivered to you abroad whether you are on holiday or business (through World Assist Alliance)
  • A customer services team that consistently receives a satisfaction rating of over 95%