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Common Colostomy Problems


Constipation can occasionally cause colostomy bag problems; however there are one or two simple remedies to try before seeking further help:

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  • Increase fresh fruit and/or fresh fruit juice, vegetables and high fibre foods
  • Increase fluid intake, especially when eating more fibre
  • Try, where possible, to do some gentle exercises such as walking or swimming

Colostomy Bag Leakage

Colostomy bag leaks can occur for a variety of different reasons, which can include:

  • Colostomy bag hole is too large – this needs to be a snug fit
  • Colostomy bag is applied incorrectly – this can be due to creases in adhesive and abdominal skin behind the pouch. To combat this, the skin needs to be gently stretched
  • Skin is too moist – make sure the skin is dry before applying the stoma pouch
  • Stoma is in a dip or crease in the abdomen – try paste, washers or different pouches to help the adhesive gently conform to the body’s shape. Speak to your healthcare professional for advice.
  • Stoma is flat or retracted – you may need a stoma pouch with a convex flange.

Speak to your healthcare professional for advice.